Behind the Scene: 北市圖書館總館印度神話講座

2019 7.28
宏觀與微觀: 印度神話中的神聖婚姻

" Macrocosm and Microcosm : The Sacred Marriage in Indian Mythology"
by Niki Chi Yin Liu
Gave a speech about Indian mythic stories and the analysis in Taipei Public Library.
The tradition of telling stories in India is very ancient and creative; literature, performing art, and oral tradition are all the ways Indian people express life and emotion.
I spent more minutes on warming up and opening. This page has not achieved my main topic. I am never worried that I am too talkative; after all, my topic on that day is about telling-stories.
I took an example of Haridwar. The way we describe Haridwar’s environment is definitely different from the ways Indian people describe. The ways Indian people usually express is more poetic, mythic and full of stories.
I like this space in the library. I was a dancer and got used to standing on big stage. Besides, the U-shaped room helps me to be closer with audience.
Mudra , the hand gesture, is the one of tways of story-telling. Scripture, statues, paintings are all revealing interesting messages and stories.
Actually, this is my hidden secret 
Sharing the video of Rasa-lila performed in Kathak dance.


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